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About BrainSMART


Since 1998, BrainSMART team leaders, Dr. Marcus Conyers and Dr. Donna Wilson, have been researching, developing, and implementing their pioneering BrainSMART® programs for health promotion, education, and business. To date they have worked with more than 160,000 leaders, trainers, and educators, reaching millions of professionals around the world. They have partnered with institutions such as the Winter Park Health Foundation and Rollins College for health promotion initiatives, Florida Atlantic University to design teacher training, and Nova Southeastern University to develop the world’s first NCATE-accredited graduate degree programs focused on applications of mind, brain, education, and well-being research (BrainSMART® Programs). Studies of impact [Read Studies] have been presented at conferences such as AERA, AACTE, and the Implementation Science Conference at Cambridge University. The team has shared elements of their BrainSMART® programs in hundreds of live events across the USA as well as in a growing number of sites across the world including Canada, South Africa, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Jamaica, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Australia.

Dr. Marcus Conyers, CEO of BrainSMART, is the lead developer of the BrainSMART® Health Wise program for supporting brain health and cognitive performance through effective lifestyle strategies. Over the past 20 years he has shared key research and strategies from this program with more than 100,000 participants in hundreds of live events nationally, and with millions more through 70 articles, 20 books and 600 radio and TV shows. He is also co-developer of graduate degree programs with Nova Southeastern University (NSU) that include elements of the BrainSMART® Health Wise approach. Thousands of professionals from 48 states and a number of countries across the world have graduated from these highly rated university programs. Many of the graduates are professional leaders who share information learned in BrainSMART® studies with local colleagues and in their communities. Dr. Conyers is the co-author of 20 books including the third edition of BrainSMART® Health Wise which will be released in 2018. An international speaker who has worked in 30 countries, Dr. Conyers has worked with a range of organizations such as the Winter Park Health Foundation, Rollins Center for Health Innovation, Texas Education Agency, Sony, AT&T, Ford, Air Canada, RCMP, Ernst and Young, Bell, CSIS, NatWest Bank, Grants of St. James, CPC, Kraft, Kodak, Amoco, Philip Morris and Joint Special Operations University.

Dr. Donna Wilson, PhD, educational/school psychologist, former teacher, and teacher educator, is president and head of academic affairs at BrainSMART. She has led in the co-development of the Master of Science and Educational Specialist degrees with a Major in Brain-Based Teaching with Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Wilson is the former chair of the education department at the University of Detroit Mercy, where she co-developed a unique cohort and field-based master’s degree for teachers with a focus on cognition and motivation in diverse classrooms. She then co-led two important implementations: (1) an application of the BrainSMART® approach with two large school districts supported by an Annenberg Challenge Grant  and (2) a three-year Florida Department of Education initiative using BrainSMART®, called Scholarships for Teachers in Action Research (STAR). Dr. Wilson and Dr. Conyers have presented at most large educational research and practice conferences in America.