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Registration for the Summer 2016 term is now open.

Important notes:

  • Please remember that successful completion of EDU 5000 is a graduation requirement.  Please ensure that a "P" is posted on your transcript in WebSTAR shortly after conclusion of your first session with the program.  Incomplete documentation can delay your graduation, so take a moment to double check.
  • A recent e-mail from NSU included some information that does not pertain to the BrainSMART programs.  At this time, students in the BrainSMART program are not required to take the 600 and 620 courses referenced in that e-mail.  Additionally, the portfolio referenced in that message is not the same type as in our program and BrainSMART program students are required to complete a portfolio as part of the specific graduation requirements outlined for these programs.

Registration Directions: 


Materials for classes are available here.