Marcus Conyers, Ph.D.

BrainSMART® co-founder and CEO, Marcus Conyers, Ph.D., serves as a research supervisor for the Ph.D. in Professional Practice: Psychological Perspectives at the Salomons Institute for Applied Psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University. He co-developed the world’s first doctoral minor in brain-based leadership and the first Master of Science and Educational Specialist degree programs focused on applied Mind, Brain, and Education science (BrainSMART® Programs) with Nova Southeastern University.

Dr. Conyers is a global human performance consultant and an author of 20 books including Developing Growth Mindsets (2020), Five Big Ideas of for Effective Teaching, (2020), Smarter Teacher Leadership (2016), Teaching Students to Drive Their Brains (2016), Introduction to BrainSMART Teaching (2018), and Positively Smarter (2015). He has worked in 30 countries and shared his programs with more than 100,000 professionals on five continents. In addition to ministers of education in South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and Ontario, Canada, his audiences have included Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, counterintelligence operatives, law enforcement officers, educators, and business leaders globally.

With his passion for improving lives through innovative applications of the cognitive and  implementation sciences Dr. Conyers co-founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Center for Innovative Education and Prevention. To bring Marcus to your organization, contact him at Visit his website at and his blog at