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Retention Tool # 16 : First Letter Cueing

 Purpose: To equip students with a simple technique for helping them retain and recall important information.

  • Step 1: Explain to students that the brain works in a way similar to a computer. One small piece of information can bring the whole file back.
  • Step 2: Show students examples of how first letter cueing, which in essence cues the whole memory, have been successfully used. For example, to remember the notes Every Good Boy Deserves Food, or for remembering how to learn SMART: State, Meaning, Attention, Retention, Transfer.
  • Step 3: Get students to think about any sets of first letter cueing that they know and review these in the class.
  • Step 4: Present to your students an example of first letter cueing that you've used from your own content area. {This could be a lot of fun to do and will build a great deal of credibility with your students}
  • Step 5: Get students to review the content area that you're working with them on and to work in groups to come up with their own first letter cueing.
  • Step 6: Get students to present their first letter cueing to the rest of the class.
  • Step 7: Suggest to the students on an ongoing basis to use first letter cues to aid retention and recall.

 NOTE: This incredibly simple technique can help you and your students remember huge chunks of information. The real payoff comes when it is time to review what you've learned throughout the year before test taking. Have fun with this process. You may also wish to share with the students that you were using the "Star Teachers Go For It" first letter cueing system for their lessons.

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