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 Year Map Transfer

 Purpose: To help students coming into a new year to build confidence that they will succeed

  • Step 1: As you approach the end of the year with your students announce there is an exciting project for them.
  • Step 2: Let students know that what you’re going to do is to create a giant mind-map of everything they’ve learned about your topic
  • Step 3: Get students to work in groups to work on a specific part of the year’s curriculum.
  • Step 4: Then assemble the giant mind-map {made up of a collection of the group mind maps} on the left hand wall ideally of a classroom
  • Step 5: Now ask each student in turn to present one part of the map
  • Step 6: Have a rehearsal
  • Step 7: Then invite the new class that you will be teaching to come and be taught by your current class.

 NOTE: This simple exercise can do much to help students feel good about what they’ve already learned; furthermore, incoming students can get to see the big picture and see real evidence that students can learn at this. It will also make you feel very good knowing that the information has really been retained. This is a great exercise to do before test time as a way for really locking in the belief that students can succeed.

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