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Retention Tool # 12 The Power of Rap

 Purpose: To help students understand the power of rhythm, rhyme, and rap for boosting attention and recall. It is also designed to help those students with a strong auditory-kinesthetic sense to increase their success in the classroom.

  • Step 1: Play some rap music to your students {screen for content carefully.}
  • Step 2: Ask students why so many people like rap music.
  • Step 3: Ask students how rap could be used to help remember information and debrief.
  • Step 4: Present to students the BrainSMART rap.
  • Step 5: Get students into groups to put together their own rap around a content area that is of interest.
  • Step 6: Present the rap to the rest of the group.
  • Step 7: Encourage students to develop rap for the key information they want to remember.

 NOTE: By using this technique you may be able to reach far more students in the class who do not respond to other forms of teaching. Once again, the act of using this technique will help students develop their overall capacity for retaining and recalling information in the future. If it feels uncomfortable for you that's good, because it may indicate that you are flexing to reach the students who do not respond to other forms of teaching.

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