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Retention Tool # 20:  
The Power of Tunes

 Purpose: To help students understand how music and tunes can help them remember important information.

  • Step 1: Play the "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" music.
  • Step 2: Start to sing the alphabet song.
  • Step 3: Notice how many of your students continue this after you stop.
  • Step 4: Ask students why they think information is so well remembered by tunes and debrief.
  • Step 5: Show students the BrainSMART song which is this: "Brain stem and cerebellum are really quite reptilian in your trying brain and hypothalimus, and thalimus are in your lympic brain. Neo cortex and cerebrum are good for higher thinking in your higher brain. This idea was put together by a very clever fella Dr. Paul McClain.
  • Step 6: Work with your students to put together a song about some critical information that you would like them to remember.
  • Step 7: On an ongoing basis return to memory songs you've created.

 NOTE: Enjoy using the power of music and tunes to help students learn. It not only boosts retention, but boosts state in a positive way.

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