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Retention Tool # 8: Power of Alliteration

 Purpose: To equip students with a simple tool for remembering more auditory information.

  • Step 1: Explain to your students that the brain loves patterns and rhymes.
  • Step 2: Explain that alliteration, where a sentence has words that begin with the same sounding letter can be a powerful way to remember information.
  • Step 3: Create a list with the students of good examples. For example: Magic moments; Love of learning; Reading, writing,'rithmetic.
  • Step 4: In some content area that you are working on, brainstorm with your students ways you could use alliteration to make some things more memorable.
  • Step 5: Get students into groups to explore some alliterations of their own.
  • Step 6: Get someone from each of the groups to present thier alliterations.
  • Step 7: Remind students to use the power of alliteration when there's information they want to remember throughout the year.

 NOTE: A great follow-up exercise is to review newspaper articles, television news items that use alliteration to attract attention and boost memory. Commercials are also good at doing this as are cartoons such as Merry Melodies.

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